Friday, March 15, 2013

Washing Produce - The Dirty Truth

The “five second rule” is a cute thing we reference when someone drops something on the ground, but the reality is that almost all plants live (or spend some time) on the ground before they end up in stores for us to buy and eat. To say that some plants are “dirty” belies the truth that plants quite literally grow in the dirt. Between pesticides, bacteria, viruses, and just plain dirt, the food you buy in stores often carries more than just nutrients into your body.

The brightly colored produce you see in the market might look cosmetically “clean”, but what you can’t see are the residues of pesticides and microscopic bacteria or viruses that can make you sick. Even though it is time consuming, it is really important to clean your produce thoroughly to protect yourself from these hidden dangers.

Is water alone enough to do the job? What about products made to wash off pesticides from produce? What is the best way to clean fruits and vegetables to remove dangerous chemicals and pathogens?