Website Mission Statement

“My mission is to educate and empower you to make informed and wise decisions on a wide variety of topics related to your personal health as well as the health of your family, your community, and our planet as a whole.”
I hope to accomplish my mission by providing the highest quality educational information about health for both individuals as well as for health care practitioners. I will try my best to accomplish this goal by working to be:


I will attempt to present as complete and comprehensive an understanding of health as possible. I will address many subjects that might relate to health including Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine,, Western Allopathic Medicine, Public Health, Environmental Medicine, as well as topics related to agriculture and the environment including the sourcing of raw materials, distribution and manufacturing of products. By exploring these, and many other fields, I hope to offer a better overview and understanding of the complex issues involved with health.


My research is conducted without bias, and I always strive to present the ideas in a broad enough manner to provide a balanced view of the issues surrounding various topics. There are often many different ways to look at what is healthy including options for treatment or lifestyle changes. It is my goal to not favor any one approach or to exclude others for any reason other than their overall relative merit.


By researching and integrating so many different fields, I hope to offer a unique perspective. My interest in cross-fertilizing ideas allows me to present novel ways of approach complex and multidisciplinary problems in health.


I don’t intend to make up your mind for you. I will present you with ideas and possible solutions, but it is your responsibility to decide what is best for you. I wish to inform you of your options so that you may be in a position to better make your own decisions more wisely. I believe that wise decisions can only be made with as much quality, unbiased information as is reasonably possible.

I believe that these attributes are the hallmarks of quality information and, I hope is what sets Dr. Rebecca's Healthy Planet apart. I will apply these standards to myself as well as to all sources of information I use for my research. Hopefully, you will look for these qualities whenever you read or hear anything about health and that Dr. Rebecca's Healthy Planet might help you to better discern how to find the best information available.